My Vision

My attention to detail and observant nature brings a perspective to your photos that you may not anticipate. After years of piloting aircraft around the world, I am accustomed to seeing amazing things from unique vantage points.

I am drawn to the “defining moment”
I enjoy emotion more than the traditional line and shape of a photo.
I enjoy the struggle of man. That struggle may be with nature, a competitor, machine or beast.

My intuition translates to sports, events and family photos.

Please take some time looking through the variety of images and allow yourself to be transported. Also, please take time to leave a comment.

About Me

I have enjoyed a life traveling this amazing world, interacting with its people and absorbing their various ways of life. 

After spending twenty years serving as a pilot in the US Air Force, I have retired and am pursuing a second passion of mine: photography. I have settled into the Colorado Springs, Colorado community.

Primarily, I am a photojournalistic sports photographer. I am cool under pressure and can anticipate great moments. I am able to get not just the action shot but the emotional shot that often follows.​